Ahmed Shah Massoud

September 9, 2010

In hindsight, its quite clear that Ahmed Shah Massoud was assasinated in preparation for a much larger act of violence.
Two days before 9.11.2001, two men — claiming to be journalists — had joined Massoud in northern Afghanistan. They detonated the explosives hidden within their camera… killing themselves and a handful of others, including Massoud.

Ahmed Shad Massoud a popular and powerful leader within the Northern Alliance. Osama Bin Laden, knowing what was about to happen in New York and Washington, almost certainly expected that the US would over-react and attack Afghanistan. The Taliban — who provided Bin Laden with sanctuary — would fall. The Northern Alliance were certainly no angels, but Bin Laden did not want them to fill the power vacuum he was to provoke the US into creating. This was especially true if the N.A. came under the heroic, charismatic leadership of Massoud.
Bin Laden was about to sacrifice the Taliban… in order to provoke the US into a violent rage. This would  — he seems to have hoped — whip up anger in the “Muslim World”.  Further, anarchy in Afghanistan would snare the US military where it could be poked. With Jihad in Afghanistan — Bin Laden told himself and those who would listen –they had  caused the collapse of one superpower (Soviet Union)… the United States would be next.
Bin Laden apparently believed that it was possible that Ahmed Shah Massoud might be able to steer Afghanistan away from anarchy… or, he might have provided the US with a puppet — and a way out of Bin Laden’s snare.


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