lines between us

October 15, 2010

Current psychology says that babies do not, until they reach about 18 months, differentiate between self and other.

Imagine – beyond the marvelling of any parent… what (and how) is an infant thinking? An infant, we fairly assume, infant can only begin to make sense of its world… forming ideas which are rudimentary, tentative and (often) flawed.  But an infant is still making some sense of the world.  With(in) what terms, what conceptual-“language” does it do so?

Let’s put it the other way around:
How is it that we utterly forget how to think without the lines between self and other? It is not forgotten because it has been reject it as incorrect, or dismissed as bizarre. Like physic’s fourth dimension, it is apparently impossible for our brains to visualize the world, even tentatively, in such a way.

The paucity of our mental abilities – to conceptualize a world without self/other distinctions (or a fourth dimension) – is no stand-alone reason to rule anything out.


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