10Amusements: No.1&2

December 16, 2010

There have been complaints that I lack a sense of humour.

I do dislike comedy. This is because I dislike failing to find something funny, especially when surrounded by an hysterically thrilled audience.  The results of these moments are miserable: having grumpiness reaffirmed, highlighting alienation from social convention or common-sense.

I am – I try to remember to remember – capable of laughing.

At what?

Somewhere in the boredom of truck-driving school, the teacher was telling us stories to emphasize the importance of load-security. Most freight is stolen by hooking onto an entire trailer, but some is snatched the back of pryed-open trailers. The particular story: a couple of kids were breaking into the back of trailers to find something worth stealing… eventually, they found themselves confronted with an entire load of cookies.

In 2008, another in a long series of ships was seized by pirates.  The Faina was carrying Ukrainian freight to the SPLA in southern Sudan (via Kenya). To their amazement, this cargo turned out to be weaponry: including 32 battle-tanks.

A bit of sober thought makes it clear that Somali sea-pirates would have not actually had any use for the tanks… it was improbable that they would be able to make it to any port at which the 80,000 pound bohiemeffs could be unloaded. They were, as always, interested in collecting a ransom (they ended up being handed $3.2 million for their haul).  But such sober second thought – which would have spoiled some of my fun – comes after the giggles.



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