Among a list of “logical fallacies” one is stuck in my teeth.
The argument from despair.

The feeling that “it would be horrible of x were the case” is no evidence that it is not. Eg1: i believe in god because i could no bear to think of the universe as adrift. Eg2: there must be a list of things which are inherently right or wrong, otherwise we would be living in a world without guidance, where “anything goes”.






You [in the first world] made yourselves rich at the expense of the environment. Today you want to stop us [in the third world] spending the same expense towards development.


Two decades later, this is a fairly familiar argument. But at the time I was shaken.
I remember a very similar bitterness of a Peruvian friend: You worry about the spotted owl while my country is crippled by poverty, corruption and civil war.