May 26, 2011

circa 1993



March 19, 2011

circa 1995

Savile Lumley. commissioned by The British Parliamentary Recruiting Committee. 1915. Victoria&Albert Museum. UK.


February 15, 2011

circa 1995

Voice of Fire. Barnett Newman





look up, wonder

January 1, 2011

from "The Mole Sisters and the Moonlit Night". Roslyn Schwartz





jesus wasn’t white either.

December 25, 2010

taste, picture this. No5

December 19, 2010

“…it is impossible to sow seed on rock and harvest its fruit.”

from gospel of Judas  (43:25 to 44:2)

Spent Shells

December 14, 2010

"Spent Shells" photo by Chris Jordan

In a flurry of Leaks

December 9, 2010

For the past week or so, we have been in a flurry raw tidbits of evidence.

Wikileaks has been releasing its 250,000 “diplomatic cables”. Prominent politicians and their advisers have been openly calling for murder of Julian Assange (who, as head of WikiLeaks, they blame).

With credit to a caller on a CBC’s “Cross Country Checkup”… It is remarkable: An amazing amount of public attention is being paid  — encouraged by a riot of governmental blustering — to this pile of documents.  This is well and good, but we are allowing this current mega-leak to overshadow previous Wikileaks releases. Especially the Iraq/Afghanistan “War Logs”, are much more important than the embarrassing, but rather obvious, babble of diplomats and other bureaucrats.


Here in Ontario, a bit of raw evidence has been thrown into our own works.
A fantastic (disturbing) new video-clip has turned up… dating  from this summer’s G20 protests
Police officers have been refusing to help identify their fellows who were involved in assaulting protesters. Investigations have been called off because without this co-operation, they could not proceed… Even with video evidence, it has been impossible to identify offending officers since their faces are hidden behind riot-gear face-shields.
Yesterday, all this changed.

A new video has been turned in by another bystander. This one shows an officer repeatedly slugging an already detained protester. When the thug stands up, he has forgotten to hide his face.

the face of one thug

Certainly this officer should be fired and charged with assault. But I fear he will become a solitary scapegoat…

An entire province of officers have disgraced themselves by refusing to co-operate with investigations into many well established cases involving “excessive use of force”.  We should all be revolted by this obstruction. It should not be legal, in fact it already is.
The chief of Toronto Police has promised that,  if any evidence makes identification possible, offenders will be disciplined.  At the same time he has refused to order his officers to co-operate with investigators by providing such identifications.   He has also been caught lying about a key video (claimed that it was doctored by editing).  Chief Blair is an embarasment, continuing to damage any respect for the police… without respect, we can have no effective policing.

A great day for those who love raw evidence. A great day in a week buried in the stuff.